Writing Clips


Secrets of Pediatrician Parents, April 2016


7 Things Happy Couples do Differently, February 2016

6 Signs You’re Likely to Cheat on Your Partner, December 2015

These 7 Questions Determine Your Relationship Status, October 2015


5 Summer Diet Excuses–Busted, July 2015


How to Get Rid of  Cold During Flu Season, October 2015

I Gave My Dad A Kidney To Save His Life, July 2015

A Monday-Sunday Plan to Lose Weight in a Week, June 2015

8 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol, February 2015

Unforgettable Gym Fails That Will Make You Rethink Flirting While You Sweat, February 2015

6 Unexpected Causes of Winter Weight Gain, February 2015

Weird Pieces of Health Advice That Actually Work, February 2015

15 Smart Junk Food Swaps, February 2015


Power Up Your Smoothie, March 2015

Diet Resolutions That Don’t Bite, January 2015

#Body Love, October 2014

Slim for Life, June 2014

Healthier Than Ever, October 2013

The New Way to Lose, October 2013

Secrets from Weight Loss Spas, April 2013



7 things he wishes he knew before you got married, May 2014

What makes men most resentful, May 2014

Signs divorced couples say they missed, March 2014

6 signs that you are an emotional eater, March 2014

The hormonal secret to taming your appetite, September 2013

Bounce back from a love slump, September 2013


Yes! The most filling foods, December 2013

Have a cup of coffee, December 2013

The new drink trends–decoded!, September 2013

How to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep, April 2012

REDBOOK / Features

7 Secrets of Low Stress Families, September 2010

Escape on a Girlfriend Getaway!, August 2010

REDBOOK Heroes, May 2010

Hot Husbands, July 2009

Make Your Weekend Last!; May 2008

Hot Husbands; July 2008

REDBOOK Heroes ; November 2007

REDBOOK / Relationships

The Best Love Advice. Period., January 2012

The Secrets Behind Great Marriages; November 2009

Are You a Wife-in-Chief?; October 2009

Sailing Toward Happily Ever After; June 2009

Happily Ever After Divorce; May 2009

Score!; October 2008

The Truth About Why Men Cheat; July 2008

REDBOOK / Health and Fitness

Your Good Enough Health Plan, September 2011

The Best Sleep of Your Life, July 2010

What I Did For Me, August 2010

A Totally Tolerable At-Home Workout, November 2009

Gabrielle Reece Firms You Up in 15; October 2009

Slow and Steady Won the Race!, September 2009

Diet Myths That Keep You Fat; June 2009

“I Found My Inner Athlete—and Lost 30 Pounds!”; May 2009

“I’m Singing a Healthier Tune!”; March 2009

Ding Dong! Your Diet’s Here!; February 2009

“I Beat the Blues—and Lost 40 Pounds!”; January 2009

No Workout Weight Loss; January 2009

REDBOOK / Celebrity Interviews

Cortney and Robert Novogratz: Survival Tips from an XXL Family, September 2011

Gabby Reece: Tips from a Go Team Family, July 2011

Football Family Confessions from Drew and Brittany Brees, March 2011

Lisa and Brian Sugar: Meet America’s Most-Wired Family, February 2011

Angela Kinsey: This Mommy Works at The Office, January 2011

How Wendy Williams Does It All, December 2010

How Cute is John Stamos?, October 2010


What I Know About Food: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, September 2011

Rocco DiSpirito: What I Know About Food; August 2011

Sheryl Crow’s Favorite Good-For-You Foods, July 2011

Foodie Secrets from Bobby and Jamie Deen, June 2011

Wolfgang Puck’s Genius Party Food Tips, February 2011

What’s for Dinner at the White House, January 2011

Maya Angelou’s Comfort Food For Body and Soul, December 2010

Ina Garten Keeps it Real–In and Out of the Kitchen, November 2010

3 Chefs, 5 Ingredients: The REDBOOK Challenge; October 2009


Make these healthy takeout healthy takeout swaps tonight!, October 2012

Are you weighing yourself too much?, July 2012

Be a Joyful Commuter, May 2012

Love Tips to Test Out Now, May 2012

Auto-matic Savings, April 2012

Time to do good!, December 2011


New Twists You’ll Shout About, April 2012


She Inspires Me: Unforgettable Stories About Mothers and Daughters Who Found Strength and Beauty in Each Other, May 2012


The Road to Slimville, October 2012


Four-Legged Funds

Masked Mutts

Hair of the Dog


Hello, kitties!

Pets in Perpetuity

Canine to Five


How to Make the Most of Your To-Do List


10 Healthy Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen

Skip the Gym; Go to Town


Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration


15 Food Swaps That Could Save Your Life


Lifelong Attraction: 7 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Sexy Forever


How to Tell if Your Husband Is Lying


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